More Subsidy Tracking in North Carolina, Texas and Colorado


Subsidy Tracker, Good Jobs First’s database of company-specific info on economic development subsidies, has just expanded its coverage of North Carolina, Texas and Colorado.

The new information includes controversial programs such as North Carolina’s William S. Lee tax credit and its successor as well as Texas’s Enterprise Fund and Emerging Technology Fund, which have been at the center of conflict-of-interest scandals. Tracker now has data on all significant subsidy awards made by Colorado’s Economic Development Commission since 2000.

Overall, Subsidy Tracker now contains more than 69,000 entries on 175 programs in 38 states.

New Additions
Colorado – Economic Development Commission Awards (2000-2010)
North Carolina – Article 3J Tax Credits for Growing Businesses (2008-2010)
North Carolina – One North Carolina Fund (2001-2010)
North Carolina – William S. Lee (Article 3A) Tax Credits (2008-2010)
Texas – Emerging Technology Fund (2006-2010)
Texas – Enterprise Fund (2003-2010)

Additional years of coverage added
Colorado – Job Creation Performance Incentive Fund
Colorado – Job Growth Incentive Fund
North Carolina- Film Production Tax Credit
North Carolina – Job Development Investment Grant

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