Subsidy Tracker Reaches Six-Figure Milestone


Subsidy Tracker, our database of company-specific info on state corporate tax breaks and other forms of financial assistance given to business in the name of economic development, has reached a milestone: its inventory of subsidy awards now surpasses 100,000.

This represents a 25 percent jump over the past six weeks. A big part of the increase was due to the help of ALIGN: The Alliance for a Greater New York (formerly New York Jobs with Justice and Urban Agenda), which shared with us five years of unpublished data on NY’s Industrial Development Agencies program they had obtained from state officials.

In recent weeks we have also added thousands of new entries from published data sources that we continue to hunt down and capture for use in Tracker. During August we added 15 new programs from six states (see the list below). One of those states is Georgia, which makes its first appearance in the database. This brings the total number of states represented to 40, and the total number of programs to 231.

We’ve also been tinkering with the search engine to make it more useful. Users now have several options when entering a company name to search, and it is now possible to restrict the results to subsidies of a certain size (use plain digits without dollar sign or comma when entering an amount). We are also working with our web consultants at Rad Campaign to create dropdown menus with state-specific lists for fields such as City, County and Subsidy Program.

New programs added

Urban Jobs Tax Credit

Economic Development, Growth and Expansion (EDGE) Fund
Entrepreneur and Small Business Development Loan Guarantee Program

MEDAAF-1 Significant Strategic Economic Development Opportunities
MEDAAF-2 Local Economic Development Opportunities

Film and Digital Media Tax Credit

Big Sky Development Trust Fund

Aerospace FAR Parts 145 Repair Station Preferential Tax Rate
Aerospace Manufacturer Preferential Tax Rate
Aerospace Non-Manufacturing Preferential Tax Rate
Aluminum Smelter Tax Incentives
Electrolytic Processing Industry Tax Incentive
Newspaper Industry Incentive
Semiconductor Cluster Incentives
Solar Energy Systems Manufacturers Preferential Tax Rate

Additional years added

Employment Training Panel

Job Creation Tax Credit
Manufacturing Assistance Act
Urban Action Grant
Urban and Industrial Site Reinvestment Tax Credit

Research Activities Credit

Business Equipment Tax Reimbursement (BETR)
Governor’s Training Initiative

Sunny Day Fund

various tax credits

Primary Sector Workforce Training Grant Program

New Jersey
Business Employment Incentive Program (BEIP)

New York
Brownfield Cleanup Program Tax Credit
Industrial Development Agencies

Quality Jobs

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