Good Jobs First is a national resource center promoting accountability in economic development and smart growth for working families. Among the reforms we recommend are clawbacks—whereby governments recoup subsidies from companies that fail to deliver on jobs or other community benefits. Our blog is about “clawing back” in a broader sense: the effort to make economic development once again serve the common good rather than narrow private interests.

Thanks to Mike Konopacki for our blog logo.

2 Responses to “About”

  1. Alex Lantsberg Says:

    just came across this little piece about tax giveaways in MD. thought y’all might want to write more about it…


  2. Ryann Palmer Says:

    Thought your team might be interested in a story I’ve been following in Minn. I’ve posted about it on my blog with links to all the back stories.

    Funded largely with taxpayer dollars, just two years after receiving more than $100 million from federal loan programs, the Minn-based company’s owner sold his shares to a French-based manufacturer. The French company now owns the technology and tools to gain global leadership and profits for a product that was supported by federal funds! The owner even acknowledges that he always new the plan was to sell to the French!?


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